Alisha & Rob

drozdsAlisha and Rob’s battle with infertility took them down an unexpected path. During their first year of marriage, they began to worry about starting a family and were referred to the Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH). After several failed IUIs, their specialist recommended a laparoscopy to make sure nothing was missed. The procedure confirmed PCOS and Stage 1 endometriosis. Knowing IVF would be difficult financially, they attempted more IUI procedures…all of which failed to produce a pregnancy. At that point, they made the decision to take a break from the emotional rollercoaster.

During that break, a miracle happened…a positive pregnancy test! They told their families and optimistically began planning their future. The day before the first appointment with their obstetrician, Alisha had a gut feeling something was wrong. In her words, “They say a woman just knows. I knew. The world had just fallen out from underneath me.” She miscarried the baby boy they conceived due to Trisomy 21. Alisha required two D&C procedures. “I didn’t want to lose my little boy and neither did my body,” she shared with us in her application essay. Their doctor told them to heal emotionally and prepare for IVF. So, they continued to try on their own and applied for a Parental Hope Family Grant.

After being told they were receiving a Grant, Alisha and Rob, shared, “When we look back on our fertility journey so far, we were often overcome with sadness and disappointment…until now. We have been grasping for a glimpse of hope and our prayers have been answered after receiving a Parental Hope Family Grant. We cannot say thank you enough to Jen and David for making the foundation a reality, the Parental Hope Board, and all of the supporters who have made this Grant possible.”