Andrea Rose

familyAfter a year of trying to conceive naturally, Andrea and her husband, Paul, began infertility testing.  It was quickly discovered that Andrea had two completely blocked fallopian tubes as a result of scar tissue damage from a ruptured appendix as a child.  After one unsuccessful laparoscopic surgery to repair the damage, Andrea was referred to the care of the Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH).  There she began infertility treatments that first started with a second laparoscopic surgery resulting in the complete removal of both fallopian tubes.   With IVF being their only available option to conceive children, the couple began treatments immediately in 2014.  Over the next three years  they endured four rounds of IVF, a miscarriage of twins, and the births of their three beautiful miracle daughters: Reagan {2015} and twins, Roxie and Reece {2017}.

Andrea began a blog to help other couples struggling with the disease, but knew she wanted to do more.  She is excited to be paired with Parental Hope so that she can help the infertility community by raising awareness, support, and be a helping hand in their own infertility journeys. Andrea sees this as the perfect opportunity to give back to her fellow infertility warriors.

Andrea received her Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Marketing in 2007 from the University of Cincinnati.  She has worked as an Account Executive for pep, a project management and procurement firm in downtown Cincinnati, for over three years.

She currently resides on the west-side of Cincinnati in Monfort Heights with her husband, Paul, and daughters Reagan, Roxie, and Reece.

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