Aubrey + Josh

631 Heritage Boulevard, Coral SpringsAubrey and Josh met in high school and have been together for 11 years. The story of how they met is a favorite of Aubrey’s. She was friends with Josh’s brother, Nate, and he threw a New Year’s Eve party one year. Aubrey left the party for a few minutes to get some fresh air, and there was Josh. They ended up talking for a couple hours and later that night, Aubrey told her friend Nate that she was going to marry Josh someday! They never ended up dating when they were younger, but Josh and Aubrey ended up moving to Cincinnati around the same time in 2002 and the pair has been inseparable ever since!

After years of dating, Aubrey and Josh, moved back to Indiana so she could go to graduate school. In 2015, when Aubrey was close to finishing school, they decided to pursue fertility treatments knowing they would not be able to get pregnant on their own. Nothing was working, so their doctor approved them to try IVF. When Aubrey and Josh were presented with the exorbitant bill, they knew they would not be able to continue at that time.

The couple put family-building on hold while they moved back to Cincinnati to be closer to family including their nephews and niece. Aubrey and Josh come from very tight-knit families, and they wanted to provide their child/ren the opportunity to be close to their cousins. So, they decided to save for IVF treatment, and head to Cincinnati.

After some tests, Aubrey and Josh met with their doctor and it was determined that their case was going to be much more complicated than a typical IVF cycle. Aubrey and Josh would need a Gestational Carrier. This news put the pregnancy plan completely out of reach for the couple, or so they thought. After announcing this news to their families, Aubrey’s sister stepped forward and offered to be the couple’s GC. What a selfless and loving gesture.

On the suggestion of family, Aubrey and Josh decided to apply for the Parental Hope Family Grant. “We are beyond thrilled to be chosen for this grant and really don’t have the words to express how grateful we are,” expresses Aubrey. “We’re so excited to be back on track to starting our family!”

With their IVF cycle covered by Parental Hope and Aubrey’s sister acting as their GC, Aubrey and Josh, will have a real chance at parenthood.