Becky Budde

img_2140Becky and her husband Ken have been married for four years. Their journey through infertility began in 2013 when they were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. They quickly discovered that insurance coverage was not an option for any of the infertility treatments. The financial stress and challenges made the infertility struggle that much harder to take on.

Over the course of three years, Ken and Becky battled through several miscarriages and failed IVF cycles. On their final round of IVF, Dr. Awadalla and staff at Institute Reproductive Health helped make their dreams come true. Becky and Ken welcome their daughter, Lydia, into the world in September 2015. They went through a successful frozen embryo transfer in June of 2016 and our currently awaiting their second daughter, Evelyn, to arrive in February 2017.

Becky graduated with a Finance degree from NKU in 2004, and followed that up with an MBA from Thomas Moore College in 2007. She has worked at Fifth Third Bank for the last year and currently is an Incentive Compensation Analyst. Helping others in the infertility community is one of her biggest passions and she is very excited for the opportunity to work with everyone involved with Parental Hope.

Becky resides in Villa Hills, KY with her husband and daughter.

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