Brittney & Bret

FB_IMG_1508860503234Brittney and Bret were both raised locally in tight knit families, with very similar back grounds, it took to bring them together. They met in 2011 and were married in 2013. They experienced a miscarriage shortly after, but then in 2014, they were blessed with a sweet baby boy, Bodie. They always dreamed of raising children in the same loving, supportive, close family environment they grew up with, so they decided to start trying to give Bodie a sibling.

During their first miscarriage, Brittney and Bret were told miscarriage was very common, (a well-intended comment, but doesn’t provide any real comfort or answers). So, when they decided to start trying again around Bodie’s first birthday, they thought they were prepared for the risk of miscarriage and potential challenges. However, Brittney and Bret never imagined that “trying again,” would turn into surgery, procedures, multiple failed IUI’s, and seven more miscarriages.

Brittney and Bret have been blessed, there’s not doubt about that. But Secondary Infertility is real. It’s also “very common,” but not really talked about, not nearly enough. They remained quiet about grief and struggle during their long, painful journey and wasn’t until they found Secondary Infertility groups on Facebook that they found an outlet. These groups provided an outpouring of support for people who understood their struggle and that it’s okay to feel the way they did.

“Beyond humbled and eternally grateful doesn’t even begin to describe how we feel to be chosen as the first couple battling secondary infertility to receive a Parental Hope Family Grant,” commented Brittney. “More than anything we pray for our sweet miracle rainbow baby, but we also hope we can help inspire and encourage other couples on a similar journey. We couldn’t possibly thank you enough, Parental Hope, and forever vow to pay it forward,” she added.