Christian & Casey

null-1 Christian and Casey never imagined that life would take them on one of the biggest struggles they’ll likely ever face as husband and wife. As a devoted Special Education Teacher, Christian was constantly asked by “her kids” when she was going to have a baby of her own. She stated in her application essay, “Those same 32 kids that ask me that question every day, are those who keep me positive and focused while we ride the infertility train.”

After trying to conceive for several months, it was clear something was wrong. Looking for answers, Christian and Casey met with specialists and were diagnosed with both female and male factor infertility. When several IUI cycles were unsuccessful, their doctor advised them that IVF was going to be their best option. Due to the high costs of IVF, Christian and Casey were unsure how they were going to afford treatment.

Christian and Casey share, “Despite our infertility struggles, we remain extremely hopeful and are excited for the next steps in our journey to become parents.“ In response to receiving the Parental Hope Family Grant, Christian and Casey expressed their gratitude, “From the bottom of our hearts, we genuinely want to say thanks again for believing in our journey of becoming parents and awarding us the Parental Hope Family Grant. Words cannot express how humbled and blessed we feel that you chose us.”

***Update: Christian and Casey are expecting their tiny miracle November 2017.***