Erin & Eddie

Eddie & Erin (2)Erin and Eddie have been married for four years and from the very beginning, they wanted to start a family. Erin has known since her early twenties that she would need help to conceive as she was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Little did she know, that she would need a lot of help! After trying on their own, they decided to seek medical help in early 2015.

One year and one surgery later they were told that IVF would be their only option to conceive and were referred to the Institute For Reproductive Health (IRH). Along with being diagnosed with PCOS, Erin’s fallopian tubes were closed and could not be repaired. After a surgery to remove her tubes, they began wandering how they could afford IVF. Erin and Eddie knew it would be a struggle both emotionally and financially, but they were willing to do what it took to fulfill their dream of becoming parents.

At IRH, they went through one fresh IVF and one frozen embryo transfer (FET). Erin and Eddie were devastated after both cycles failed. Their family and friends became an amazing support system, always encouraging them to never lose faith. After the second failed cycle, they didn’t know how they could afford a second FET.

Erin’s motto, “Embrace the Detours,” has helped her get through the devastation and heartbreak of two failed cycles. “There is a reason for everything and we may not know it now, but it’ll all make sense one day,” expresses Erin.

Second-time Parental Hope Family Grant applicants, Erin and Eddie, share, “It is a blessing that Parental Hope does so much to help others and we will never have enough words to show our gratitude towards them for this amazing gift.”