Jill Joseph

photoWhen Jill and her husband Jonathan were married in 2012, they knew they wanted to start a family.  Two years later, they began their infertility journey when they were referred to Institute for Reproductive Health.  Dr. Michael Scheiber diagnosed them with male and female factor infertility.  Jill and Jonathan attempted various failed treatments throughout the course of a year, after a failed fresh IVF with ICSI cycle they had a successful frozen cycle.  They welcomed their son, Jackson, in November 2015.

Jill received her Bachelor of Science degree in Hearing, Speech and Language Sciences in 2010 from Ohio University and her Masters of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from Miami University in 2012.  She currently works for Encore Rehabilitation Services as the Director of Rehabilitation and speech-language pathologist in a local skilled nursing facility.  Jill is thrilled to help others suffering from infertility on the journey to parenthood and is honored to work with the members of Parental Hope.

Jill resides in Price Hill with her husband and young son.

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