Julie & Dan

Julie & Dan (1)Julie and Dan have been married for four years. They met while Dan was living in Chicago. A few years ago, they relocated back to the Cincinnati area, now making their home in Loveland. They both come from big families, and always dreamed of having one of their own. Even though they met late in life, they never expected to face infertility.

After a year of trying naturally with no success, they were referred to the Institute of Reproductive Health (IRH). With the help of IRH, it was determined that Julie had endometriosis along with several other female factors that were prohibiting her from getting pregnant. After trying several IUI’s, they realized that their best chance of becoming parents was through IVF. They knew that this would be a struggle, both emotionally and financially, but their faith gave them strength to move forward.

After two fresh IVF’s and one frozen embryo transfer, which were unsuccessful, they found themselves down to their two remaining frozen embryos. Since all previous treatments were personally financed, they were unsure where they would find the resources to move forward with their infertility journey. Though the support of their friends, family and faith, they gained strength through this challenging time and never gave up hope.

After hearing that they were selected for a Grant, Julie and Dan shared, “We are forever grateful for this opportunity and feel so blessed to be a recipient of a Parental Hope Family Grant. Even though this isn’t how we pictured our story being written, this whole process of infertility has made us stronger both as individuals and as a couple. We thank Parental Hope from the bottom of our hearts for renewing our hope and giving us another chance to become parents. Parental Hope is truly an amazing organization and has made a difference in so many people’s lives. “