Kristen Oyler

oylerKristen and her husband, Scott, have been married for ten years.  Shortly after their wedding, they began their journey to start a family.  After a year of negative pregnancy tests, they sought treatment at the Institute for Reproductive Health.  After surgery to repair her fallopian tubes, Kristen and Scott underwent several rounds of IVF, none of which were successful or covered by insurance.   Their next step was the use of a Gestational Carrier.  In 2010, their gestational carrier gave birth to Kristen and Scott’s twin daughters, Isabelle and Gabrielle.

One of Kristen’s biggest passions is giving back to her community.  She has been active with several local non-profits in Cincinnati for many years and is excited to add Parental Hope to that list.  Infertility is a passion and she is looking forward to helping others overcome infertility and achieve their dream of parenthood.

Kristen graduated with a Liberal Arts Degree from University of Cincinnati.  She has a background in Social Work and Event Planning/Fundraising.  Scott and Kristen reside in Madeira with their two daughters.

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