Lauren & Logan

Lauren_Logan3Lauren, an elementary school teacher, and Logan, a railroad engineer, began their journey with infertility in 2015, just months after becoming husband and wife. For years though, Lauren always had a feeling, or as her friends would later say, a God whisper, that their journey to parenthood wouldn’t be easy. Listening to that intuition, they immediately began trying to conceive upon getting married.

After months of the same disappointing outcome, they knew Lauren’s intuition was right. They began to seek answers from specialists at the Institute for Reproductive Health in Cincinnati, OH. Despite the heartbreaking news that they wouldn’t be able to conceive naturally, they remained hopeful that they would someday become parents. Immediately, they tried multiple IUI cycles, all with no success. They went through periods of back to back IUIs and periods of saving money. It was then they were told that the next step in their journey would be IVF.

Due to the high cost of IVF, it was with unwavering hope and faith, that they put their plans on hold. They began saving everything they could and praying for a miracle. Their miracle came in the form of a grant from Parental Hope. When they received their grant the couple said, “It’s like a thousand pounds have been lifted from our shoulders. We feel like we can live again.”

Lauren and Logan are so grateful for the opportunity Parental Hope has blessed them with. After receiving the grant Lauren reflected, “We are genuinely so thankful and humbled to have been chosen as recipients of this grant. We have often felt alone and isolated throughout this process, and we are beyond blessed to have a family within Parental Hope that is in our corner. Thank you to Jen, David, and the entire Parental Hope Board for entering our lives and forever changing it for the better.”