Megan & Nathan

FB_IMG_1508373137764Megan, a PA at an orthopaedic practice, and Nathan, a State Trooper for the OSHP, first met on the playground in second grade. They started dating at age 16, fell in love in their college years and married in October 2008. After establishing their careers, they decided it was the perfect time to create a family in 2012. Shortly after, Megan was diagnosed and treated for severe endometriosis followed by several unsuccessful IUIs. Their last attempt resulted in a rare pelvic abscess in 2016. This infection required urgent surgery and a two-day stay in the hospital. Things continued to be difficult for several months following and the tough decision to restart birth control was made until further fertility treatments were deemed safe.

Once test results showed no evidence of recurrent infection or damage, the decision to pursue IVF was encouraged by their doctors. However, IVF comes with a huge financial burden, so Megan and Nathan decided to apply for a Parental Hope Family Grant a second time. And we’re so glad they did!

Megan and Nathan’s journey has been tough, but they would go through it all again in a heartbeat to have a family. “No words are adequate enough to express our gratitude to Parental Hope for helping us with our goal of starting a family; you’ve provided us with hope during a long journey of struggle and for that we will forever be thankful,” expresses Megan and Nathan.