Stacie & Justin

20150115_203648Justin, an aeronautical engineer with the United States Air Force, and Stacie, who worked for twelve years at a federal agency in IT compliance, met while they were both vacationing in Destin, Florida. They dated long distance before marrying two years later and started trying for a baby on their wedding night. Justin was getting deployed and Stacie was 32 at the time, so they knew they wanted to get their family started right away. What Stacie and Justin didn’t know was that five years later, they would still have empty arms.

Stacie and Justin became pregnant twice with treatment of Clomid, but lost both babies within six weeks of pregnancy. Once they were transferred to Dayton, Ohio, the couple would ultimately pursue five IUI attempts and an IVF cycle with pre-genetic screening. During this time, Stacie faced four surgeries, including a hysteroscopy, laparoscopy and D&C procedures. In total, Stacie and Justin have faced seven miscarriages of much desired babies. Needless to say, it’s been a heart-breaking journey for the couple.

Stacie has battled scoliosis since adolescence and today, she dedicates time to mentoring kids, teens and adults facing treatment and spinal fusion surgery. “Pouring love into children facing medical trials has been the ointment on the wound of infertility for me. So many families have welcomed us into their lives,” she shares.

Stacie and Justin are Ohio ‘Wrapped with Love Coordinators’ for the non-profit SHIFT Scoliosis organization. They send blankets to patients facing surgery. Stacie shares, “We discovered information about the Parental Hope Family Grant via a friend in the scoliosis community who lives in Cleveland, Ohio. I met the mom and her daughters at a conference for children battling scoliosis and believe that God puts people in our path for a reason.”

Sharing their story has proven to be healing for Stacie and Justin. “If we can help one couple by sharing our story, we know it will be worth it. The words ‘You are not alone’ are so powerful and universal,” share the couple.

Justin adds, “We are still in shock to be among the nine families chosen for the Parental Hope Family IVF Grant. We instantly felt like old friends among the Parental Hope Board of Directors. We feel very blessed and realize there are many other families out there who deserve this opportunity.”

“A rainbow baby is one born after loss,” says Staci. “We want to encourage others that despite infertility struggles, military challenges, and health adversities, there are rainbows after storms. We are praying for our rainbow baby! Thank you, Parental Hope, for giving us an opportunity for our dreams to come true!”